a day in the life

i always love when people post a ‘day in the life’ posts so i figured i’d do one here! it is always interesting being a full time working/nursing mom and some days are just downright hard but here is a typical day for us:

5:45am  Hubby gets up showers, packs lunches, makes smoothie

6:00am  I feed the baby (laying in bed) and put him back in his crib

6:15ish  I hop in the shower and get ready for work.  I try to know what I am wearing the night before so that we don’t run into a wardrobe malfunction before leaving the house

6:30  Greg gets the babe up, changes his diaper (and clothes if he happened to pee through everything which is usually a few times a week ha!)

6:30-7:00 Greg and I trade off whatever needs to be done, If I didn’t do it the night before I make bottles, double check the bag, stuff diapers, etc. Greg starts cars, brings out bags and gets the baby’s coat on.  It is the most hectic part of the morning but its nice to get some baby time in because there is nothing better than his morning smiles

7:15  I drop Graeme off at my Mom’s house, go over how his night was and try to leave there by 7:30 to be on the road.

8:00 Arrive at work .

9:00 Pump, check twitter, read blogs.  I usually pump for about 10-12 minutes and have become pretty efficient!  After I finish pumping I consolidate the milk  into one bottle if I can, put emplty bottles on my flanges, those go into my cooler bag so that at my next session I am ready to go.

12:00 Pump, eat lunch, watch Isis webinars if/when i can, check twitter

3:00  Pump, twitter, blogs.  At this point I pack everything up.  My pump lives under my desk during the day and after my last session it goes back in the bag so it is one last thing I have to do at the end of the day

4:30  Leave work to go pick up Graeme YAY!

5:15  Get to my moms, feed and snuggle babe.  Try to be on the road by 5:45 so that I can be home by 6

6:00  Graeme goes into the moby or his highchair while I prep dinner.  I usually give him a sippy cup with water to play with while I prep.  We sing songs about making dinner and I dance around the kitchen with him

6:15 Tub time! Sometimes its short, sometimes its long, just depends on the night.  No soap most nihts because Grae has super dry skin.  After the tub we’re off to his room for lotion and pajamas and probably some more silly songs  I try to sneak another nursing session in here even if its just a snack.

6:30 Dad is home! Baby snuggles and a few books before bed.  Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site is one of our faves.

6:45 – 7:00 Lullabies, rocking and bed time for Graeme. 

7:00ish  Dinner for Mom and Dad

The rest of the night is prep for the next day, laundry, any other chores that need to get done.  Greg and I try to make time to sit down and watch one of our ‘shows’ together.  Bed for us is usually around 10pm. 

Grae is up 2x a night to nurse and usually after his second nursing around 4am I bring him into bed with us mostly because i am too tired to go out to the living room to feed him (he is still in our room).

Whew.  Writing it out sounds busy!  You know what though, even on the hardest days it is still so worth it.  Seeing that little face light up when I get home and those sweet baby smiles in the morning really do wipe away any exhaustion.

How do you guys make your day work? Any tips and tricks for staying in a routine?