Hurricane/Tropical Storm Irene

We woke up this morning at about 7:30 with some pretty gusty winds but nothing too substantial and decided to go out to get coffee.  Since all seemed pretty calm (aside from the rain) we decided to take a ride down to the ocean.  That was a different story!  Video below – you might want to turn down the volume though since you can hear the winds and kiddos happily screaming from the ocean spray.

Please note my rain get up and goofy grin.

On the way back home (about a 30 min drive) things had seemingly taken a turn for the worse.  The winds were higher, rain steadier and there were more than a few downed trees.

So here we are safe, warm and sound at home praying that the power doesn’t go out.


Mastering the Art

…of French Cooking with Julia Child that is.

Mr. Reed bought me ‘Mastering the Art of French Cooking’ for our anniversary (year one is paper!) and I of course dove right in.

First skill I am trying to master is the knife. I get so jealous when I see skilled chefs chop chop chopping away – I feel like it take me forever! So here’s to knife wielding skills. Wish me luck!

Are any of you experts in knife wielding? I’m finding it hard to break my the bad habits I’ve formed over the years!

photo via you are the river

rush hour goodness

mr. reed and i have been driving to work together lately.  we are so super lucky to literally work a mile from each other and most of the time have the same-ish schedule.

so yesterday the mr. picked me up and we started our trek home.  due to monsoon induced traffic, it looked like it was going to take forever to get home when all of a sudden a beautiful rainbow showed up.

i love when life throws happy surprises like this.  so much better than driving home with grey skies!

Vacation Tour

Mr. Reed surprised me with an amazing trip for our one year anniversary.  4 days in Kennebunkport, ME (affectionately known as k’port) at the The Cottages at Cabot Cove.

I teared up when we pulled in because it was that gorgeous.  We’re talking straight out of a travel magazine gorgeous.  Our whole time there was amazing.  One of the best parts was   every morning to a little canvas sack hung on the door that was filled with pastries, a huge fresh fruit cup and a carafe of orange juice. Perfection.  Did I mention we were a 10 minute walk to town? I loved walking in to get coffee in the morning.

A little video of where we stayed complete with commentary:

Things of note:

  • How slooooow I talked!
  • How many times can one person say gorgeous?!
  • What a mess our cottage is!  I took the video on our second day there and we were like a whirlwind apparently!

I’ll do a full recap of what we did, where we stayed and what we ate while we were in k’port.  I highly recommend.

baby fever

omg.  does this photo not kill you.

i think it is official that i have a case of baby fever.  but seriously, how could you not after seeing this photo.

image via Leah Naomi

trending topic

trending topic in the reed household is ‘breakfast for dinner’ and we can’t get enough.

it is in weekly rotation here – first it was omelets (omeletas as we call them), then it was onto pancakes. tonight was a first though with the waffles and folks – i am in love.

a little butter, a little confectionary sugar and a good dose of whipped cream.

to. die. for.

i am so making these next week.

with a little love

we started our four day weekend with breakfast for dinner – quite possibly my most favorite meal ever.  we saw some sea life at the aquarium + the biggest bullfrog i’ve ever encountered! we finished up the weekend with a trip to the cape where we had wine with lunch (white for me and red for mr. reed) + soaked up all the vitamin d that we possibly could while chatting about our life and all the adventures we want to take.  so exciting.

i am seriously bummed that tomorrow is back to reality but so happy that we have so much to look forward to!