working full time with a 5 month old isn’t always easy and on the weekends there is so much to do that sometimes the fun stuff gets left out. not today! i started the day by running some solo errands hurrah! then the nug and i met up with some friends to see one of our favorite kid performers at the library. that was followed by holiday photos with the kiddos (hilarious trying to wrangle a 5,8 and 24 mo old). when we got home nug took a monster nap and I got to finish decorating and cut out a pattern to make him some pants. Tonight the hubby and I made a paper chain for Christmas and watched Ted while I wrote out Christmas cards all topped off with a homemade chocolate cake. Writing all that out sounds like so much but really it was such a perfect day and tomorrow I am looking forward to a lazy day snuggling and nursing my sweet little guy before its back to the grind on Monday. What about you? Did you have a productive saturday or a nice lazy, cozy day!


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