christmas is by far my favorite holiday (shocking right ha!) this is our third christmas with an advent calendar.  i remember as a kid having the chocolate a day ones but hubs and i decided to go with one that has little boxes!  every year we pick activities that we want to do as well as a few days that we give each other little gifts.  sometimes the gifts fit into the boxes and sometimes it is a clue to where we can find the gift.  this year with grae’s first christmas we tried to put a lot of thought into what we’d be doing and how much we could do with a 5.5 month old.  some of the activities are for the whole family and others like driving around to look at lights will just be me and the hubs (grae HATES his car seat at night)

  1. Make a paper chain to countdown christmas
  2. Put up ribbon for christmas cards
  3. Sarah to Greg
  4. Visit with Santa
  5. Celebrate Doug’s Birthday
  6. Watch the Polar Express
  7. Read A Christmas Goodnight
  8. Mail Christmas Cards
  9. Breakfast with Christmas Carols
  10. Read Matthew 2: 1-12
  11. Greg to Sarah
  12. Splurge on Christmas pajamas
  13. Take family photo in front of the tree
  14. Watch Christmas movie and drink cider
  15. Santa Claus Marathon
  16. Sarah to Greg
  17. Watch Prep and Landing
  18. Greg to Sarah
  19. Read Luke 2: 9-12
  20. Decorate holiday cookies
  21. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  22. Deliver cookie boxes
  23. Open one gift early
  24. Celebrate!



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