use it or lose it

creativity begets creativity. it is so flipping true!

i’ve been feeling like i lost that loving feeling but really its just that i have not been doing enough of it!

this weekend the hubs was home all weekend. yep, all weekend. we decorated for christmas, i made a few wreaths, cooked, baked and did some knitting. let me tell you, it felt glorious. once you get going it is like unstoppable.

so here it is, no more excuses. i know i have a baby and i work full time but DOING makes me so happy. MAKING makes me so happy. i am not going to say that i don’t have the time because really…i can make the time. in the end, everyone will be a little hapier because seriously, who doesn’t like a good cookie, a cup of tea and a handknit sweater?!


2 Comments on “use it or lose it”

  1. I saw your comment over on The Wild Rumpus’ post and wanted to say hi! You see, my little one has a dairy and soy allergy too and I have been managing the challenges (!) that that brings … ain’t it fun!?

    Hope you guys are managing it OK x

    • I’m so glad you found me! The dairy and soy allergy can be such a challenge! It’s always nice to connect with other moms who understand and support our decision to continue nursing our little ones! Hope you’ll be back.

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