QKT = Quick Kitchen Tip

I totally just made that up. Lame?

You know what’s not lame though? My new system for controlling the garbage/waste/compost that comes from prepping 5 days worth of salad supplies for 2 adults. Enter the ever unusable supermarket produce bag + a large bowl!

How did I not think of this before?! RR (Rachel Ray) always has that bowl that she tosses everything into which in theory is great and I’ve done it a million times before but then there is the bowl to wash and when you’re the dishwasher well.. I think you know where I am going with this.

So produce bag + bowl = super easy clean up which makes me so happy.

I know I know – we really should be composting. It is a little difficult with the apartment living but I did see an option of using a rubbermaid bin which could work out really well for us. Do any of you have any ideas for alternative composting?

Also, how do you keep your kitchen from being a war zone when you’re using every pot in the house – I’d love to know


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