Vacation Tour

Mr. Reed surprised me with an amazing trip for our one year anniversary.  4 days in Kennebunkport, ME (affectionately known as k’port) at the The Cottages at Cabot Cove.

I teared up when we pulled in because it was that gorgeous.  We’re talking straight out of a travel magazine gorgeous.  Our whole time there was amazing.  One of the best parts was   every morning to a little canvas sack hung on the door that was filled with pastries, a huge fresh fruit cup and a carafe of orange juice. Perfection.  Did I mention we were a 10 minute walk to town? I loved walking in to get coffee in the morning.

A little video of where we stayed complete with commentary:

Things of note:

  • How slooooow I talked!
  • How many times can one person say gorgeous?!
  • What a mess our cottage is!  I took the video on our second day there and we were like a whirlwind apparently!

I’ll do a full recap of what we did, where we stayed and what we ate while we were in k’port.  I highly recommend.


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