Living Small

For the past four years we’ve lived in an 850 sq ft apartment that suited us well.  Once Grae was born we all got a little bit tighter and we knew we had excess but I guess weren’t ready to be ruthless about purging.

Greg and I have talked about the need to ‘downsize’ for awhile now.  We really always have the best intentions of getting rid of all the clutter.  This past weekend we started our journey of living small.

Living without all the ‘stuff.’

Our plan is to clear the house of excess and simplify. Our goal is to be mindful and thoughtful of our space, our home. That means not buying everything that we want and when we do buy we will be mindful of how it will fit into our lives.  It means repurposing, selling and or donating items that are in good condition and really streamlining the place that we call our home and are raising our family.

Step one was clothing.  So much clothing.  I am embarrassed to admit that we ended up with three black construction bags of clothing and shoes to be donated.  Three. Bags. That is just excessive.  We now have the things that we need for work and play and nothing ‘extra.’  My clothes fit into my dresser and our closet has room in it! It feels so good.  For whatever reason I have been really mindful when purchasing clothes for the baby which I am pretty proud of.

Step two will be all the ‘things.’  Books, craft supplies (oh! the craft supplies), kitchen gadgets (so many).

Along the way I know there are going to be a few items that we buy to make our home work harder for us and we’re ok with that.  Our hope is that by making those few purchases we will be able to live more simply.

I’m excited to be on this journey and can’t wait to share our triumphs and setbacks along the way!



a day in the life

i always love when people post a ‘day in the life’ posts so i figured i’d do one here! it is always interesting being a full time working/nursing mom and some days are just downright hard but here is a typical day for us:

5:45am  Hubby gets up showers, packs lunches, makes smoothie

6:00am  I feed the baby (laying in bed) and put him back in his crib

6:15ish  I hop in the shower and get ready for work.  I try to know what I am wearing the night before so that we don’t run into a wardrobe malfunction before leaving the house

6:30  Greg gets the babe up, changes his diaper (and clothes if he happened to pee through everything which is usually a few times a week ha!)

6:30-7:00 Greg and I trade off whatever needs to be done, If I didn’t do it the night before I make bottles, double check the bag, stuff diapers, etc. Greg starts cars, brings out bags and gets the baby’s coat on.  It is the most hectic part of the morning but its nice to get some baby time in because there is nothing better than his morning smiles

7:15  I drop Graeme off at my Mom’s house, go over how his night was and try to leave there by 7:30 to be on the road.

8:00 Arrive at work .

9:00 Pump, check twitter, read blogs.  I usually pump for about 10-12 minutes and have become pretty efficient!  After I finish pumping I consolidate the milk  into one bottle if I can, put emplty bottles on my flanges, those go into my cooler bag so that at my next session I am ready to go.

12:00 Pump, eat lunch, watch Isis webinars if/when i can, check twitter

3:00  Pump, twitter, blogs.  At this point I pack everything up.  My pump lives under my desk during the day and after my last session it goes back in the bag so it is one last thing I have to do at the end of the day

4:30  Leave work to go pick up Graeme YAY!

5:15  Get to my moms, feed and snuggle babe.  Try to be on the road by 5:45 so that I can be home by 6

6:00  Graeme goes into the moby or his highchair while I prep dinner.  I usually give him a sippy cup with water to play with while I prep.  We sing songs about making dinner and I dance around the kitchen with him

6:15 Tub time! Sometimes its short, sometimes its long, just depends on the night.  No soap most nihts because Grae has super dry skin.  After the tub we’re off to his room for lotion and pajamas and probably some more silly songs  I try to sneak another nursing session in here even if its just a snack.

6:30 Dad is home! Baby snuggles and a few books before bed.  Goodnight Goodnight Construction Site is one of our faves.

6:45 – 7:00 Lullabies, rocking and bed time for Graeme. 

7:00ish  Dinner for Mom and Dad

The rest of the night is prep for the next day, laundry, any other chores that need to get done.  Greg and I try to make time to sit down and watch one of our ‘shows’ together.  Bed for us is usually around 10pm. 

Grae is up 2x a night to nurse and usually after his second nursing around 4am I bring him into bed with us mostly because i am too tired to go out to the living room to feed him (he is still in our room).

Whew.  Writing it out sounds busy!  You know what though, even on the hardest days it is still so worth it.  Seeing that little face light up when I get home and those sweet baby smiles in the morning really do wipe away any exhaustion.

How do you guys make your day work? Any tips and tricks for staying in a routine?



working full time with a 5 month old isn’t always easy and on the weekends there is so much to do that sometimes the fun stuff gets left out. not today! i started the day by running some solo errands hurrah! then the nug and i met up with some friends to see one of our favorite kid performers at the library. that was followed by holiday photos with the kiddos (hilarious trying to wrangle a 5,8 and 24 mo old). when we got home nug took a monster nap and I got to finish decorating and cut out a pattern to make him some pants. Tonight the hubby and I made a paper chain for Christmas and watched Ted while I wrote out Christmas cards all topped off with a homemade chocolate cake. Writing all that out sounds like so much but really it was such a perfect day and tomorrow I am looking forward to a lazy day snuggling and nursing my sweet little guy before its back to the grind on Monday. What about you? Did you have a productive saturday or a nice lazy, cozy day!


christmas is by far my favorite holiday (shocking right ha!) this is our third christmas with an advent calendar.  i remember as a kid having the chocolate a day ones but hubs and i decided to go with one that has little boxes!  every year we pick activities that we want to do as well as a few days that we give each other little gifts.  sometimes the gifts fit into the boxes and sometimes it is a clue to where we can find the gift.  this year with grae’s first christmas we tried to put a lot of thought into what we’d be doing and how much we could do with a 5.5 month old.  some of the activities are for the whole family and others like driving around to look at lights will just be me and the hubs (grae HATES his car seat at night)

  1. Make a paper chain to countdown christmas
  2. Put up ribbon for christmas cards
  3. Sarah to Greg
  4. Visit with Santa
  5. Celebrate Doug’s Birthday
  6. Watch the Polar Express
  7. Read A Christmas Goodnight
  8. Mail Christmas Cards
  9. Breakfast with Christmas Carols
  10. Read Matthew 2: 1-12
  11. Greg to Sarah
  12. Splurge on Christmas pajamas
  13. Take family photo in front of the tree
  14. Watch Christmas movie and drink cider
  15. Santa Claus Marathon
  16. Sarah to Greg
  17. Watch Prep and Landing
  18. Greg to Sarah
  19. Read Luke 2: 9-12
  20. Decorate holiday cookies
  21. Drive around and look at Christmas lights
  22. Deliver cookie boxes
  23. Open one gift early
  24. Celebrate!


use it or lose it

creativity begets creativity. it is so flipping true!

i’ve been feeling like i lost that loving feeling but really its just that i have not been doing enough of it!

this weekend the hubs was home all weekend. yep, all weekend. we decorated for christmas, i made a few wreaths, cooked, baked and did some knitting. let me tell you, it felt glorious. once you get going it is like unstoppable.

so here it is, no more excuses. i know i have a baby and i work full time but DOING makes me so happy. MAKING makes me so happy. i am not going to say that i don’t have the time because really…i can make the time. in the end, everyone will be a little hapier because seriously, who doesn’t like a good cookie, a cup of tea and a handknit sweater?!

holiday secret swap!

ok – so here’s the deal.  i love a good swap and with the holidays right around the corner i thought it would be fun to do a holiday secret swap!  you don’t need a blog to participate, just social media (twitter, pinterest, blog).
everyone who signs up will be given a person’s name of who they will send their package to. i will provide participants with their swappers URL’s for social media sites and five of their favorite things to get to know them better. Each participant will be assigned someone who send a package to them. best part is – it will be a secret until your package arrives!

here’s what you need to know:

by november 24th (that’s a saturday), email and tell me the following:

  • your name
  • your email address
  • the name of your blog and url
  • twitter handle
  • pinterest url
  • 5 of your favorite things
  • your snail-mail address
  • whether you prefer an international or in country swapmate – or does it matter?
  • are you interested in sending (and receiving) more than one package (from different swappers)? If so, how many?

i’ll pair you up and send your swapmate’s details on or around November 30th.

you MUST have your package sent by december 15th.

some things to keep in mind:

VALUE. keep your package between $20 and $30. handmade is great — just remember the suggested value.

SHIPPING. if you choose to have an international swapmate, don’t forget it will cost you a little bit more (a few dollars, maybe) to ship.

TIMELINESS. please, please, please send your package on time.

MOST OF ALL. share this with your friends! the more the merrier!

back in the saddle


so lets talk about how long its been, right. did i mention we have a new baby in the house?! little graeme william was born on june 30 and we have been over the moon and ridiculously busy since. i know people tell you its life changing but you don’t really ‘get it’ until it happens. it was a long birth and not at all what i expected or prepared for but isn’t that always the way? in the end we were blessed with a happy, healthy baby boy who weight 7.11 (two weeks early!) and scored 8/9 on his apgar. birth story will come, with pictures of course.

i am back at work full time! which is challenging and rewarding all at the same time. let me tell you, there is nothing better than coming home every day to that sweet little face.

so here we are settling into life with this new little bundle of joy. our little bitty house as grown by one and couldn’t be filled with anymore love but somehow, everyday it is.